Ackerman McQueen

motion designer

Job Description

Knox Studios is looking for a qualified Motion Designer to join our team. The candidate must be multi faceted with experience and skills ranging across various forms of motion graphics generation and design. This is a full-time position in our Oklahoma City office.


  • Work on a wide range of projects and media to visualize and develop innovative designs that meet business goals
  • Ensure work product meet organizational standards and brand expectations, express ideas accurately, and represent the client appropriately
  • Work independently and cooperatively on multiple projects while meeting deadlines


  • Provide motion support for a wide range of multi-media projects from concept to completion
  • Collaborate within a team and be able to clearly communicate your thoughts and perspective
  • Manage post-production duties on various types of video projects
  • Knowledgeable and up to date on current industry trends and standards
  • Ability to thrive and participate in a fast paced creative environment
  • Eager to constantly learn

Skills & Qualifications

  • Self-starter capable of working independently
  • Organized multitasker
  • Strong communication skills
  • 3 years experience in motion graphics design
  • Strong organizational and time management skill, with the ability to prioritize
  • Proficient in Adobe Creative suite
  • Proficient in Cinema 4D
  • Proficient in compositing special effects and creating motion graphics from scratch
  • Strong problem-solving skills and analytical abilities


The long list above may not be a point-by-point reflection of your experience and we understand that could be the case. While practical experience is important we feel that positive attitude and energy in our industry is equally important. If this kind of work inspires you to grow everyday and pushes the business to succeed then we encourage you to apply.
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