Digital Distribution

Digital Distribution

Mainstream, traditional outlets have forever held a monopoly over a brand's ability to successfully distribute a message. But the nature of influence has changed.

There are probably many individuals who you have yet to identify who could more compellingly transmit your message than even the most powerful cable networks—and enjoy more trust from the audiences you want to reach.

Targeted distribution means identifying unique areas of influence inside and outside of the digital space in order to create your own ecosystem of promotion and audience development.

One of the most powerful tools in marketing has always been the ability to inspire others to influence on your behalf. Success has always depended on the quality of your product, the ability to keep your message top of mind, and making people feel something special.

This model remains true, but being successful takes more effort than ever. To turn people into advocates, you must consistently reach them with valuable messaging, not quick-hit impressions that are most likely ignored or resented.

Building an influence network means understanding the people you need to reach: their behaviors, their perceptions of you and your industry—and what it will take for them to communicate on your behalf.

The media landscape has forever changed, and while you have more options than ever, there is no more powerful distribution network than the one you can build for yourself and your most influential audience.