Audience Purification

Audience Purification

We begin every partnership by deeply understanding your most valuable audience. In some cases, you may not know who these people are, and we will start by defining them for you. You also may think you know and be surprised by what we find.

These are the people you must consider when developing all forms of communication. They are your advocates, your influencers—your lifeblood.

Most brands have an idea of who they are. Very few know how to serve them.

They throw their messages into the winds of mass numbers, hoping their people are somewhere within a paid audience, an earned audience or a viral audience.

This method ignores the truth: If you reach no one but your most important audience, you’ve succeeded. If you reach millions without them, you’ve failed.

Rather than relying upon the onslaught of mass media messaging, we recommend cultivating, growing and managing your most influential audience through an owned media strategy.

Your investment should reflect the value you place on the people you know are considering, buying, using and recommending your product.

Speak directly to your influencers, and trust that they will carry your message to their own audiences.