Owned Media

Owned Media

We challenge our partners to create true media destinations—platforms that look and feel the part.

A well-constructed video channel or larger owned media platform serves as the epicenter of your conversation with the people you care about most.

Your purified audience should see it as a true destination, and its programming as part of their regular mix of media—as certain a part of their entertainment routine as their favorite cable channel.

Video Channel Advantages

  • Organization
    The key to any library of content is to organize it to properly reflect the way you have segmented your audiences. We have developed multi-channel networks and extensive programming visions all customized to a brand’s needs. This is not an assembly-line process. Rather, it’s an evolution that reflects what we learn.
  • Distribution
    A video channel serves as the hub for all of your video content. From desktop to mobile to over-the-top delivery, all of your distribution starts from one central place—and you own it. Rather than relying upon YouTube, YouTube becomes one of many spokes in your wheel. By taking total control of your video distribution, you take control of your tracking and analytics as well, with a much more holistic understanding of your video universe.
  • Monetization
    Quality media is valuable. As a brand fighting to reach an influential audience, you know this better than most.

    We view content as a service for your audience. But the next step is to see your video channel and its programming as a product—one that many other brands, individuals and media entities may become very interested in leveraging for themselves.

    We look for every opportunity to, at the very least, provide a discount on our clients’ media through media monetization.

    Sponsorships, licensing and subscriptions are just a few opportunities made possible by an investment in the convergence of video and technology.