"My product is so much BETTER than theirs. Why don’t they get it?"

Over 75 years, we’ve heard CEO after CEO repeat this refrain. If only they could just get everyone in a room, sit them down and look them in the eye, consumers would change their minds immediately.

You think about your product day and night. It’s your job. But why should anyone else?

The key to achieving influence is giving your customers a reason to care like you do.

A 30-second spot or a print campaign might peak their interest for a moment. But how will you keep them focused on your brand tomorrow? Achieving influence depends on your ability to develop and deliver deep, informative, inspirational content—not once, but continuously.

If you give the people you care about most content they find valuable on a regular basis, not only will their relationship with your brand grow, but their likelihood to advocate on your behalf will, too.