Christopher Bigbie

Christopher Bigbie

SVP / Director & Cinematographer


Office: Dallas

Joined: 2015

Christopher’s earliest memory from childhood is of his father as an avid Super 8 film shooter capturing many of the young family’s first moments on film. The ability to revisit that family and their adventures taught Christopher early on that cinema was a uniquely powerful way to capture and tell stories.

As that desire evolved with adulthood, he collaborated on a diverse range of productions including live broadcast, syndicated television, films, corporate video, music videos, digital signage and commercials. His love for unique visual narratives, experimental digital content and knack for conveying diverse moods combined with striking moving images eventually attracted the attention of Ackerman McQueen.

During his off time the creativity doesn’t stop. He continues to hone his craft with photography, short filmmaking and experimenting with new cutting edge video and interactive technologies that shape the future of how video is distributed and how the audience engages it.

Having garnered several Addy and Telly awards, the ability to grasp unrealized concepts and translate those ideas into engaging moving imagery has been the key to many successful projects for RadioShack, American Airlines, MonsterCable, Motorola, Pizza Hut and Doritos. Christopher strives to bring each production a unique and creative vision that yields a distinctive viewing experience for each client. This requires his investing his most creative self in the project, something forged and shaped since childhood.