Dané Cupp

Senior Developer


Office: Dallas

Joined: 2016

Prior to joining AM, Dané worked in the health care industry developing an EMR (electronic medical records) package for a company based in Plano. He also has extensive experience in HMI (Human Machine Interface) in the oil & gas industry. Our computers are able to perform ridiculously complex tasks. How to provide a non-complicated interface to harness our computers capabilities is the challenge. It is in the pursuit of this challenge where he finds his passion.

Dané is a proud dad of two beautiful boys (age 13 and 16). He lives vicariously through them because in doing so, he is reminded of how amazing the world looks through unjaded eyes. They have Parkour’d through the downtown roof tops of Fort Worth and hopped onto a passing vacant train car to see how far it would take them. So in this fleeting span of time, when Dané is not at work, he spends his time off on adventures with his two most favorite people in the world.