Gail Daniels

Associate Creative Director / Special Projects


Office: Oklahoma City

Joined: 1972

Gail grew up in Bartlesville, Okla., attended the University of Kansas and received her BFA in graphic design from the Kansas City Art Institute in May of 1972. Immediately following graduation, she began work at the Oklahoma City office of then Ackerman Inc. on June 5, 1972, as a junior art director.

In her 42 years as a specialist in typography and photography art direction, Gail has worked on a diverse group of clients. In the early days, when Ackerman was just starting to grow, she worked on many local clients such as The Oil & Gas Journal, First of Tulsa, Sirloin Stockade, Star Metal Buildings, CMI Roto Mill, L&S Bearing, Continental Federal, Globe Life Insure and Midland Mortgage.

Many Addy Awards and Best of Show awards were won for Gail’s individual and group work on Nocona Boots, Resistol Hats, Food and Wine from France, as well as others. She was also named one of the ten best art directors in the Southwest in the early '80s.

Having studied graphic design, Gail really learned about advertising and marketing on the job. Angus McQueen and his father and past AM president, Marvin McQueen, brought Madison Avenue insight and standards to the small Ackerman agency that changed it forever. As a result, AM is a conclave of highly talented individuals with great work ethics that strive to give each client more than double the value for each dollar spent. Each day she sees the agency strive to live up to a statement Angus once made to the creative department when we were faced with an almost impossible assignment over a holiday weekend: “Let’s see how good we can be!” And we are good!

Over the years Gail has watched the agency’s efforts re-imagine and redefine a product or service, and have seen us transform others from dying old brands into industry leaders. It’s one of the things she loves best about working at Ackerman McQueen. Another is the highly talented, high-quality people that work here. They are a very diverse group in age, background, education and experience, but all make great contributions that the rest of us can admire.