Grant Seoane

Grant Seoane

QA Engineer


Office: Dallas

Joined: 2017

After working as a Network Administrator for an Architectural firm, while still in college at Texas Tech University, Grant earned his B.B.A. in Management of Information Systems. He worked on Desktop deployments and code support for server applications before coming to Ackerman McQueen.

Grant is an avid gamer he started gaming at the age of 5 with his father back on the original PlayStation and Gameboy Color, which prompted his career in IT. He currently spends much of his time with his wife Sadye, and their son Aidyn.

Grant grew up in Los Angeles, California and after graduating high school came to Texas Tech to pursue higher education. While in school he was a part of several student organizations and sports club, including starting the first eSports Association while at Tech which still operates today even after his departure.