Jeanne Oden

Jeanne Oden

SVP / Digital Knowledge Manager


Office: Oklahoma City

Joined: 1986

Jeanne believes that a strong infrastructure supports the creative process and business goals. After years working in Account Service and Creative Management in both the Tulsa and Oklahoma City offices, Jeanne completed a masters degree in Information Science. Since then, she has created and built three departments within the agency that organize and preserve creative assets — Media Management (video), Asset Management (photography), and Corporate Archives (physical and digital assets of completed work). Her ultimate goal is to digitize and migrate creative materials into an environment where they are findable and preserved for the future. With 75+ years of materials and more created daily, there is plenty to do.

Jeanne has hired several information professionals at AM, to contribute organizational support to creative and business efforts. She designed the organization, digitization, staffing, and management for a large private rare book collection. She is on the Board of Advisors for the University of Oklahoma School of Library and Information Studies, and has twice been invited to sit on the ASIS&T jury to award the annual Thomson Reuters Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Scholarship. Jeanne has presented at the Oklahoma Library Association, and is also a member of the international library and information studies honor society, Beta Phi Mu (Lambda chapter).