Kale Atterberry

Kale Atterberry

Art Director


Office: Oklahoma City

Joined: 2016

Kale started at Ackerman McQueen when he was 16 years old in the storage department part time, helping organize and manage footage, props and equipment. Since then Kale has moved through Ackerman McQueen from storage administrator to Driver in traffic, and now to Art Director. Working at Ackerman McQueen while attending the University of Central Oklahoma allowed Kale to find passion in the creative field, focused on branding and digital application.

Outside of work, Kale enjoys grilling and hanging out with good friends, going to dog parks with his beagle Maggie, playing basketball at local parks in Edmond and video games with his crew. Kale also enjoys shooting at Wilshire, making dad jokes and road trips.

Kale also attended Northern Oklahoma Junior College where he played baseball and earned an Associate Degree in Computer Science. After obtaining his degree, Kale went to the University of Central Oklahoma where he achieved his Bachelor's in Graphic Design. In that span, Kale has won 5 Regional ADDYs in Branding and Advertisement, as well as 1 District ADDY in Digital Illustration. He was also featured on Redbubble's "Weirdest Designs of 2016."