Lacey Duffy

Lacey Duffy

SVP / Account Supervisor

Mercury Group

Office: Dallas

Joined: 2008

Lacey began her career at Ackerman McQueen in 2007 as a graduate student intern in Account Service. Upon receiving her master's degree from the University of Oklahoma, she began work as an Account Executive in May of 2008. Lacey then worked as an Associate to the CEO and COO for several years before moving to Alexandria, Virginia in 2010 to work as a Vice President / Account Supervisor at the Ackerman McQueen subsidiary, Mercury Group. In 2013, Lacey moved to the Dallas office where she currently resides and is Senior Vice President / Account Supervisor.

Lacey is trained in defensive pistol and rifle, competes in shooting matches, and is a certified NRA pistol instructor. She enjoys watching sports, being outdoors, golfing, fishing and hunting. Her favorite trophies include her first whitetail (a 9-point buck), an impala with 24-inch horns and an SCI record mule deer.

Lacey received an M.A. in journalism and mass communication, with a strategic communications emphasis, from the University of Oklahoma, as well as a B.A. in journalism and mass communication, with a psychology minor, from the University of Oklahoma.