Michael Aitken

Michael Aitken

VP / Video Production

NRA News

Office: Washington, D.C.

Joined: 2000

Michael believes the thing that makes Ackerman McQueen unique from other agencies is the ability and desire to push the limits and expand the broadcast technology we employ to relay the messages of our clients.

Michael’s best memory of working at AM so far has been the great feeling of dealing with and overcoming the challenges and obstacles of remote broadcasting for NRA News, such as the time he sent interviews to the NRA News studios in D.C. from Springfield, Illinois via a wireless card on a moving bus.

Michael feels that he was born to do the type of work he does now. As a kid he was always making home movies, editing audio cassettes and generally interested in all types of electronic media.

Outside of work, Michael enjoys mountain biking, rock climbing and outdoor sports.

Michael has a Bachelor of Arts from George Mason University.