Nancy Martin

Nancy Martin

Executive Producer

Special Projects

Office: Tulsa

Joined: 1986

Nancy was originally hired as Melanie Hill's assistant. In her time at Ackerman McQueen she has worked in almost every department but media. And she has landed in the role of Executive Producer of "Live Events" for Ackerman McQueen clients; Primarily NRA Annual Meetings.

Nancy has three children who she adores. Travis, her son is working in law enforcement. Her oldest daughter, Caitlin is following in her shoes in show production. And her youngest daughter, Avery is a Junior at University of Arkansas. She's an active Board Member at her Church, as well as a Christian Group called NEXIS which educates pastors on ways to connect with their members. Nancy also volunteers for Operation Christmas Child that collects shoe boxes filled with all sorts of items that are sent to country all over the world. These boxes not only give the needy children items they need but it also holds a message of how to get to know the Lord. All of the above are extremely rewarding in so many ways.

Nancy is a high school graduate of Will Rogers High School. Her achievements are seen in the eye's of the children who we help. After each job seeing our clients smiling faces when each one of their events are flawless is also extremely rewarding. When you love your job that in it's self is a major achievements.