Ryan Winkler Herr

Ryan Winkler Herr

Associate Creative Director / Special Projects


Office: Oklahoma City

Joined: 2007

Ryan began interning for Ackerman McQueen in college, writing television and radio spots for Six Flags. She joined the company full time in 2007 as a copywriter and now manages special projects on several accounts with experience as a content manager, digital network manager, creative developer, project manager, publications editor and creative director, among other roles. As a virtual employee operating out of Austin, Texas, Ryan offers a removed perspective and versatile insight into client work.

In her free time, Ryan enjoys film and film festivals, tacos, hiking, kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding. She has two—soon to be three—little boys who use her as a jungle gym between soccer practices, tee-ball games and endless hours of “Sesame Street.” She is also a published writer working on the Great American Novel, a children’s picture book series, blog posts, a few random short-story scribbles and the occasional screenplay.

Ryan holds Bachelors of Arts degrees in English and Philosophy from Oklahoma State University and a Master’s of Professional Writing with an emphasis in Screenwriting from the University of Oklahoma.