Scott Spengler

Scott Spengler

Post Production / Finishing

Video Production

Office: Dallas

Joined: 2015

Did you know that a powerful love of cartoons, comic books, monster movies and speed metal does not necessarily guarantee you’ll end up homeless and alone? Believe it or not, it can actually lead to a career in animation and compositing.

After years as a 2 D lead and animation director for various DFW studios, Scott finally made the jump to full-time freelancer. In late 2015 he was invited to join Ackerman McQueen’s Dallas office and fill their newly created Post Production position.

There’s more to life than compositing and animating, so Scott enjoys attending metal shows and working out with his beautiful and super-strong wife, Amie. Both are active with DFW Cocker Spaniel Rescue, so they usually have some strange foster dog staying with them and their 3 forever cockers, Dargo, Mojo Jojo and Willow, and the 3 creepy cats, Jonny, Hadji and Dolly.

Despite all these furry monsters, the house does not smell bad.