Shad Wyckoff

Shad Wyckoff

Senior Camera Operator

Video Production

Office: Oklahoma City

Joined: 2015

Shad's first foray into video production came when he was in middle school, where he was able to take an elective course on video production. From there, his love of and fascination with movies grew. His passion for making pretty pictures only became stronger over the years, which led him to begin a career in freelance film and video production that spans more than 20 years. It was during these years of freelance work that he was introduced to the AM production team.

When Shad is not shooting, he enjoys watching movies (old and new), riding his road bike, traveling for pleasure and most of all, hanging out with his family.

Shad earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Oklahoma in Film and Video Studies. He has also attended several workshops at Maine Media Workshops and College.