Sharyn Chesser

Sharyn Chesser


Account Service

Office: Oklahoma City

Joined: 1981

Sharyn’s main outside project includes being vice chairman for Saint John Nepomuk’s Social Ministry organization collecting food for Yukon’s Manna Pantry the first Sunday of each month. She is also involved in the collection of foods for Sister BJ’s Pantry, a pantry for the men in the downtown Oklahoma City area that are without homes.

Sharyn is a member of Saint John’s welcoming committee for all single newcomers who join her church. Her most important personal accomplishments have been raising her children and taking care of her family.

Sharyn’s most memorable times at Ackerman McQueen are her first interview with Ray Ackerman and later being hired to be the voice of Ackerman McQueen. There’s one more event that Sharyn will never forget:

“Although I have many fond memories of all the wonderful people I have met because of working here, by far the most memorable of those would be the day Charlton Heston called for the first time and I almost fainted at the front desk. And on top of that, he introduced himself (like I wouldn’t know that wonderful voice) ... I was so shocked I actually said to him, “Oh my God,” and then added “I mean Moses!” He laughed that robust laugh, but I couldn't because I could not breathe. Over the years he would call the switchboard and ask me to put him through to other numbers because he said he could always remember our phone number. To say the least I was very honored to be his operator.”