Stacey Schirf

Stacey Schirf

Executive Assistant - Chairman of the Board

Executive Assistants

Office: Oklahoma City

Joined: 2000

Stacey started at Ackerman McQueen as the executive assistant to the chief financial officer, leaving behind a long career as a gymnastics program director. The fast-paced atmosphere at Ackerman McQueen was quite a change from the gym, but after learning the ropes and accepting that she could no longer order someone to do 25 pushups for not paying attention, she fell in love with the world of advertising and the people she worked with—literally. She met her husband at Ackerman McQueen and she doesn’t plan on leaving her job, or her husband, well, ever.

Outside of the office Stacey enjoys spending time with her family and friends, riding bicycles, gardening, cooking, traveling, reading and making people laugh.

Stacey attended the University of Central Oklahoma and is the United Way Coordinator for our Oklahoma City office.