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Six Flags Live

From three local amusement parks to the largest theme park operator in the world – our partnership with Six Flags included large-scale marketing efforts as well as the development of an owned media entertainment show.

In 1994, we began our partnership with a small company called Premier Parks. At the time they had three local amusement parks, two in Oklahoma City and one in Washington, D.C.

Over the next nine years, Premier Parks acquired Six Flags and other independent parks in the U.S. and Europe, growing to 39 parks worldwide. We were involved in virtually every aspect of their communications and marketing process, producing over 700 television spots and nearly 100 radio commercials per year, crafting individual marketing and media plans for each park, and naming and developing all new ride and attraction logos.

In 2001, we developed a prototype media entity, called Six Flags Live, aimed at a teen audience. Proposed programming would stream entertainment and pop culture shows live from various parks across the United States.