A ready-mixed concrete, aggregate and sand supplier that's older than Oklahoma.

They have a rough job: taking apart the earth and using it to build infrastructure, but they've always been determined to do it in a way that's unquestionably fair to the community, honest to their customers and good to their employees. They also place an uncommon focus on protecting and restoring the environment.

Until we started working together in 2010, however, you wouldn’t have known about any of these courtesies. Part of Dolese's philosophy is not only to do what is right, but also that it's not something to brag about. So as you browse the videos, online magazine and website we created to highlight all the good Dolese does, it's important to understand that their primary purpose with this body of work was to remind Dolese's own 1,100-member workforce of their commitment to the community. This is why Dolese Delivers.