Remington Park

Remington Park

Oklahoma's original horse racing track is back with a Party You Can Bet On.

Oklahoma City had never had anything like Remington Park when it opened in 1988: A bona fide race track, replete with a stunning grandstand, sophisticated restaurant and all the trappings of Churchillian horseracing culture. Our 1988 campaign matched that excitement with a proprietary musical track by our own Mark Keller: Let Your Heart Race.

Remington Park and Ackerman McQueen parted ways in the 1990s, but in 2010, Chickasaw Nation's Global Gaming purchased OKC's original racetrack, invested millions in its renovation, and added the only casino within city limits. Our first campaign for Remington hit on a nostalgic note – "Let Your Heart Race ... Again," but every radio spot, TV campaign, poster and print ad since have carried the energy and all-out fun of the one place in OKC with a Party You Can Bet On.