Springfield Armory

Springfield Armory

Springfield Armory is the oldest name in American Firearms, dating back to 1777 when George Washington ordered its creation.

Springfield Armory's storied history has been built on generations of loyal, responsible consumers. Consumers who wake up every day determined to protect themselves and their family – because they believe it's no one else's job to do so. As a company, Springfield Armory stands for that same mindset, and is proud to continue to make the highest-quality, most advanced products on the shelves.

The Springfield Armory mindset is best defined in three words, Defend Your Legacy, the company anthem. To tell this story, individuals who embody the Defend Your Legacy mindset to their core, were selected to face a challenge unlike any other – the Night of the SAINT experience. Learn about the Night of the SAINT competition where six athletic, adventurous women travel to a mountain in Wyoming to train and compete with firearms while mentally and physically pushing themselves to new extremes. Visit to watch the finale as a winner is unveiled.